Saturday, 16 February 2013

Back from the "dead" with a purpose

Some of you may know that I used to blog using this particular URL quite a bit. You may perhaps even know me through my previous blogs on Tumblr and Posterous. So here's how the story goes:

I shut down my blogs due to much lack of time as well as interest (sadly) to post something or even a rant on a monthly basis. Also because I did not have as much readers which led to not having stimulating conversations on my blog. For a few years I've been working on my private blog in which I could freely post anything at all without being criticized in whatever way possible.

Lately, after much encouragement from friends and family members, I decided to blog again but this time, it's a little different.

People who know me well know that food is one way to my heart. Three words: I enjoy food. Hence, this blog holds the purpose of recording my food journey starting this year.

I'm starting from scratch (obviously) so bear with me because I only recently gained much confidence to share my interests on the internet once again. I may review some of my regular restaurants/cafes for the sake of getting the ball rolling.

Note: I'm planning to go full-on serious with this. 

Thank you for visiting and your support! I hope my reviews will entertain or assist you in any way possible. Have a good day!