Sunday, 3 November 2013

Just a teeny tiny note...

G'day everyone,

I'm currently in the midst of war #2 a.k.a. exam season (assignment season was war #1, just so you know...) so I won't be updating for a little while more. I know that some of you are looking forward to more of my Australian adventures but please hang in there. Believe me, I have heaps to tell all of you!

On the side note, I recently purchased a journal to jot down my food adventures and it is superb:

(second from the left) Going for AUD16.95 each.
It's from the Typo Snob Notebooks collection and I couldn't help but to get one for myself. I tried looking for the link on the Typo online store but it is nowhere in sight. I guess they've sold out which made me so relieved that I have a copy in my hands.

Those who know me would know that Typo is one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world. I've visited so many of the branches here in Melbourne and have gone crazy over all their products. So glad they have two branches in Malaysia as of now although they're relatively far away from my base.

Do check out my Instagram for picture updates. I've shared a couple of places I've been to in which some of you may be highly interested in, especially if you're looking for good Melbourne coffees.

Wish me luck for exams!


  1. Hey Emily,

    Reading about yourself I think you love food talks and the reason why I got on comment section is that I'm also foodie like you. I'm Kopi Luwak supplier but I love drinking tea, fruit juices, vegetable juices and eating lots and lots of junk food! :P

    Nice to read your articles.
    Keep sharing.

    1. Hello Finn,

      Thank you for reading! I do apologize for my late reply.

      Interesting. I'm not entirely fond of vegetable juices, most especially not celery and beetroot, but I do love fruit juices and salads! Not a Kopi Luwak drinker because of the way the beans are produced, but I guess to each its own. Ah, junk food. Not too much of that yeah! Hahaha.