Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Second Visit to COSANS Coffee (Bloggers Night)

If you were wondering what that "private event" at COSANS Coffee was, herein lies your answer.

Last Saturday, I attended my first ever bloggers event at COSANS Coffee, making this trip my second. Yes, we were the reason you couldn't have your coffee between 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. that one fine day. Feeling over the moon after receiving a personal invitation from Matthew, the CEO himself, I decided to put all my fears aside and attended the event by myself. Initially, I was allowed to bring a friend along but coffee enthusiasts rarely exist in my social circles for some reason and what more to look for one who is free and willing to be in a sea of bloggers.

To those who are particularly particular, I am aware of the super fine, annoying white line in nearly every picture. That major scratch somehow got onto my lens protector. I don't use Photoshop and I'm not the type who's patient enough (yet) to sit down and learn the ropes of it so please bear with me.

* * * *

The first and most inviting thing I saw upon arrival was their display of food simply because I was hungry.

I noticed the arranged order- (from the top) salads for entrée, sandwiches for the main and the ever-so-sinful cakes for dessert. 
Sandwiches, salads and soups are on the board!

The cafe was still fairly empty at 7-ish so I had some time to go around and snap pictures of the setting.

And finally, the thing that attracts Malaysians of all ages, genders and races...

... a bag of freebies each which comprised the following:

  • A huge handful of one of the two house blends (I got my preferred blend - Carreau!)
  • Two packets of artisan tea from Gryphon - Hanami (blend #152) which is Japanese sencha with cherry blossoms and lemon ginger mint (blend #212)
  • Two packets of Dammann Fréres tea - Chamomile and black tea
  • A name card with a number on it for the lucky draw

Also not to mention the strong, compelling aroma of coffee every time you were to open the bag.

Cappuccino made with the Carreau House Blend
My first cappuccino at COSANS Coffee was made with the Equarre House Blend which was rather bitter for me despite having a strong body. This time round, I tried it with the Carreau House Blend as recommended by Matthew. It was slightly fruitier, sweeter and definitely less bitter compared to the first blend. Being a satisfied coffee lover, I gave my compliments to the barista while I was halfway through my drink.

Oreo Milkshake which lacked a fair bit of Oreos. Milkshakes aren't my cup of tea but this is pretty good for one.
Ice Blended Chocolate Frappe

My table was served two types of sandwiches for tasting:

Asianese Roasted Chicken Sandwich
I quite like it for its oriental flavour because of the coriander. They use chicken thigh which explains why the meat is so tender. 

Smoked Duckling Sandwich
I love duck. Absolutely love duck! My only disappointment in this sandwich is the lack of the smoked duckling as the other ingredients i.e. the greens overpower its taste. The bread is particularly dry for this sandwich because it doesn't have much sauce in it compared to the former. If it weren't for those concerns, this would've been an excellent sandwich.

A coffee showcase was then held for us bloggers to get to know more about coffee making. 

Each stage of coffee-making determines how good or bad your coffee turns out to be. Even from the part where you grind the beans.

Little cups were passed around as we smell the coffee to get a gist of what a nutty and fruity coffee smell like.

Another end product: iced black coffee

Well, I couldn't resist arranging them.
I was really fascinated by this drip!

After the showcase, we settled for more varieties of drinks and went with their signature tea - jasmine tea scented with rose oil giving off the sensual aroma of a rose bouquet. Highly recommended not only for tea lovers but also those who need a drink for relaxation.

On top of all the food and beverages I have shared here, we bloggers could order anything on the menu on the house just for that evening.

A few of the many bloggers I had the privilege to meet.
This is the only decent picture I dare post up for now. Shall probably wait for others to be shared soon!

And then there's me...
Click HERE to read about my first trip to COSANS Coffee.

* * * *

If you're a blogger and would like to collaborate with me, don't be afraid to drop me an email so that we can work something out. 

Looking forward to meeting more coffee enthusiasts and brunch lovers this year!

"I don't consume coffee. Coffee consumes me."


  1. Ahh, such a nice post. I enjoyed reading it. Haha, which reminds me... I have to post up mine soon!

    1. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing your pictures, Carmen!

  2. All the pics taken so nice eh. I need to ask some tips from you! :D Awesome post btw!

    1. Thanks, Yvon! No worries, just drop me an email anytime and I'll reply to you promptly (:

  3. Whoa... I like how you wrote.

    1. Thank you for your comment and also hand modelling for the little green cup :D I really appreciate it!

  4. Hi Emily, first visit and followed dy, saw your blog thru Serah's blog, nice photos and post!

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