Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Good Batch @ Damansara Uptown

Out of obligation as a lover of brunches, I checked out this place today. Yes, Damansara Uptown on a weekend and yes, during the lunch hour. The things we foodies would do for food can be viewed as simply insane in the eyes of society - but we still do it anyway in the name of food.


My two good friends and I reached the restaurant only to be greeted by a small crowd of people by the door eagerly waiting to be seated. We then joined in the waiting list of 5 names before ours.

The waiting area. This was taken after our meal which explains the absence of people.

The first thing you might want do if there is a crowd outside upon your arrival is to scribble your name down on the waiting list. During your period of wait, you can browse through their menu and decide on what you wish to order. However, if you're really hungry and are easily intrigued by food in the form of words like I am, I suggest you pass that option. 

Tables are seated according to the number of people you have with you so if your party is big, you'll most likely have to wait longer. My party of three waited half an hour just so you know. 

Decent setting which could fit quite a number of people.

I quite like this deco by the door. It adds a touch of home to the place.

And they have a proper bar with bar stools!

Wall deco of gears adding some modernity to the setting I feel.

What went into our tummies

Cappuccino [RM8.50]
Not the best I've had (in Malaysia, that is - before you start judging). It has something to do with the coffee and milk in terms of balance in flavour, nothing with regards to its presentation or the way it turned out as a cappuccino.

They say you need not have a hangover to consume this beauty:

Hangover Mess [RM20.90]
"Messy. Absolutely messy." Those were the first few words that came to mind the moment two plates of these were set on the table. 

Of corned beef mixed with pan-fried potatoes and diced capsicums topped with two sunny side-ups messily drizzled with herb-infused hollandaise sauce served with lightly toasted bread, there was much talk about this particular dish especially on Foursquare. I really love the beef and capsicums but thought the potatoes could've been a bit more fried. The hollandaise sauce made the dish look messy which definitely fits its name. I was not full up to the brim as the portion was just nice for me (I'm quite a big eater if you must know).

I do recommend giving this a shot if you're a fan of corned beef and pan-fried potatoes. 

If you're really simple or if you're feeling ordinary...

The "Ang Moh" [RM25.90]
... try this. Brilliant name for a big brekkie! There's your usual scrambled eggs, streaky beef bacon, grilled chicken sausage, ripened cherry tomatoes, a baked portobello mushroom, pan-fried potatoes and baked beans served with lightly toasted bread. Nothing out of the ordinary hence making this dish turning out to be just okay - according to my friend who had it.

* * * *

You probably can tell from the opening paragraph that parking is horrid on weekends but feel free to try your luck like I did. I was already prepared to make a couple of rounds of bore but managed to find a lot within the first rounding (:


Address: 53, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Upton, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operating hours: 11.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m. (Tuesdays - Thursdays), 11.00a.m. - 1.00a.m. (Fridays - Saturdays), 10.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m. (Sundays & Public Holidays)
Contact no.: +60377332303

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  1. Unpleasant Eating Experience
    Parking is horrendous on weekdays!
    Bad Customer Service: Rigid not accommodating - not allowed to occupy bigger table even it is the only decent comfortable table for eating left; not allowed to add 1 more seat on the 2 seats table and even The WORST not allowed to shift table to the vacated table after food is ordered!