Saturday, 20 December 2014

Review: q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser for Age Spots @ Premier Clinic, Bangsar

Disclaimer: Sponsored treatment. Reviews are entirely my own. Pictures unedited unless otherwise stated. 

Apologies for the lack of updates. I've been traveling the past 3 weeks and sort of getting back into reality for a week. Traveling does detach you from some things like contacting friends and for me mostly, catching up with my television series (Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls anyone?)

Before going into details of my travels, here's a quick review of a sponsored treatment at Premier Clinic's new Bangsar branch. I underwent yet another laser treatment for my face this time for two reasons:

1)Having to travel the next few weeks after, I could not undergo any treatments which would require my skin to not be exposed to sunlight after it is done.
2) I would have gone for the chemical peel/skin peel but my dry face does not have any serious cases of acne, pimples or oiliness which is what the treatment primarily calls for (Nothing to be proud of. Having a face like a desert is also not a good thing.)


Here's the setting of the reception area.

Their usual layout of brochures.

The counter.

The waiting area.

During consultation, Dr Elaine explained my options thoroughly and helped me weigh between them as she highlighted the pros and cons of each treatment I was interested in. Having done the laser hair removal on my underarms about more than a month before this, I could still proceed with yet another laser treatment. Both Dr Elaine and Dr Kee, who performed the first treatment on me, made sure I was well aware that I should not to laser treatments more often than once a month.

Here's what Dr Elaine told me about the two options:

Chemical Peel/Skin Peel: Particularly for those with oily skin, uneven skin tone, acne and superficial pigments. You'll feel a bit of tingling when the peel is applied on your face. Other that, it also exfoliates your skin.

Laser Treatment: It is definitely more painful than the former but a numbing cream will be applied 20 minutes before the treatment. It's also tightens your skin and removes most fine hairs. Note: Application of numbing cream does not mean the treatment is pain-free. If your pain threshold is low (like mine), you'll still feel a bit of pain.

I went with the latter because the first treatment would be a waste on my skin. Dr Elaine did a "light version" so that the recovery will be easier.

During the Treatment

All set!

Dr Elaine's assistant (who is a lady, if any of you are curious) applied the numbing cream on my face and I was allowed to relax in the treatment room for about 20 minutes for the cream to settle.

White mask for relaxation - just kidding. That's the numbing cream.

Dr Elaine at work (Note: This was taken because the treatment actually started.)

Like the first one, there were two sounds I could hear while Dr Elaine began - firstly was the sound of the vacuum and secondly the sound of the laser. The entire experience was no comforting one in general. The first stage of the process was more painful than the second. Especially when the laser gets closer to the nose, the burning smell is not the most pleasant thing. 

Nevertheless, the second stage of the treatment was not as bad. The laser felt more like it was a daddy long legs spider gracefully dancing all over my face - as horrifying as that sounds, trust me it isn't that bad. 

Dr Elaine's pain threshold is probably like mine. She completely understood that I was dislike the pain and she was therefore performing as delicately as she could. 

For the curious ones, this is how the laser machine looks like.


The light treatment did the job well as my face felt more refreshed and clean - too clean it felt. The feeling of my skin was as if I just went through some major exfoliating process to remove every single bit of imperfection on my face. 

I typically apply moisturiser twice a day (currently using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream) and also sunscreen (currently using HerbaLine's Sunscreen Lightening Cream with SPF25) to protect my skin from being too exposed to the unforgiving sun. Dr Elaine said it was ok and that I should just continue applying those two products daily after the treatment. 

With Dr Elaine outside the clinic [edited image due to overexposure]

I'm very pleased with the results though I wish I could see how long it would actually last without having to travel. Thank you, Premier Clinic Bangsar, for the treatment! 


Address: 40, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operating Days: Mondays 2.00 – 700 p.m., Tuesdays – Saturdays 10.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Closed On: Sundays and Public Holidays
Office Number: +60322822263
Mobile Number: +60126625552 (Contactable 7 days a week between 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. via phone call, texts, WhatsApp or Viber)
Facebook page: click here!
Parking: Public parking spaces
WiFi: Available


  1. Hi, may I know how much you were charged for the treatment you did? I really hope you respond to my enquiry soon :D I think you have a really pleasant blog by the way :)

    1. Hey! This is a sponsored treatment so they did not charge me for it. You can check out their website for the prices or call them up :)

  2. Hi..can i know how to get the sponsored treatment...kindly pls advice?

    1. Hey there, I was recommended by a friend and they contacted me. I'm not sure how anyone else can get it, sorry. You could try calling them and see if they can arrange something for you :) cheers