Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Event: New Zealand Dessert Showcase @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Three New Zealand brands: Whittaker's Chocolate, Omaha's Organic Ice Cream, and Marcel's Pancakes organised a dessert showcase at Empire Shopping Gallery in collaboration with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Kuala Lumpur last month.

While preparing the ingredients and equipment, a small crowd of people from the media started filled up Jaya Grocer's demo kitchen that afternoon. Each attendee was given a goodie bag with compliments from the organisers which included a packet of Marcel's Pancakes tandum and a bag of peppermint chocolate from Whittaker's.

Preparing the dark chocolate mousse with tofu and pancake pieces.

Using Hubbards muesli as the base for the parfait.

Preparing the parfait alongside the dark chocolate peppermint cake.

We were served the following breakfast combinations:
Dark chocolate mousse with tofu, a piece of pancake, a scoop of organic blueberry ice cream, chocolate shavings and a fruit of your choice. 

For something with milk, go for the muesli with dark chocolate mousse and a scoop of organic ice cream.

That dark chocolate peppermint cake can be eaten by itself or served with organic ice cream topped with fruits.

Of course, strawberries would be first choice.

Ice cream would normally be extremely sweet but these organic ones are not to say bland, but rather guilt-free in my opinion. They don't taste like dessert at all.

We took a break from mousse and pancakes and proceeded with baked breads and of course, the organic ice cream. Seem they're advocates for having ice cream for breakfast!

We ended off with crepes and more ice cream. I actually love the crepes because they are less fluffy than the pancakes and still are light. Would very much prefer this with ice cream.

Generally, all the breakfast options did not have an overwhelmingly sweet note even though most of the ingredients are conventionally sweet and suited for dessert. And no, this is not an excuse to have ice cream for breakfast! The ice cream used in the demonstration is organic and healthy unlike what we mostly have here in Malaysia which conventionally has alarmingly high sugar content. 

Thank you for the invite, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise!
For more information on each product, click on the links above.

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