Saturday, 30 May 2015

Greenlicious @ 10 Boulevard

Disclaimer: One meal is sponsored. Reviews are solely mine and do not represent the views of the sponsor.

A few weeks ago, I received my first free meal from at Organica Lifestyle (read about it here). The team reviewed the post and decided to offer me another free meal, how lovely!

I decided to pop over GreenLicious at 10 Boulevard (located at the exit of Lebuhraya Sprint) after coming across their coupon for meat-free nasi lemak.

GreenLicious started its organic concept from Green Green Organic Kitchen in 2009 to promote a healthy and nutritious organic diet. The team consists of recognised professionals from diverse backgrounds, each having in-depth experience of various fields, including doctors, nutritionists, beauticians, artists and in-depth tour experts. Today, it is more than an organic shop, it is a unique place which indulge in a healthy and trendy cuisine in the way of organic. [source]

Iced house organic soy milk (RM9.90)

My friend and I had a glass of soy milk each. They were both FOC because one came with the KindMeal coupon and the other with their lunch set. I found these to be a little sweeter than the one I used to have at the organic shop in SS18. Nevertheless, they both complimented our dishes of choices very well.

First up, nasi lemak!

Nasi lemak KL Tower (RM12.80 via KindMeal)

According to the details on the KindMeal app itself, this is a vegan nasi lemak (no dairy ingredients) which comprises pandan rice, sambal petai, vegetables and crispy crackers. I particularly enjoyed the sambal petai with rice but compared to the one I had at Organica Lifestyle, this one had a less vibrant flavour and was more towards a sour profile.

To my surprise, it also came with "mushroom nuggets" which was not mentioned in the description (completely forgot to ask if the batter was dairy-free, many apologies vegan readers!). My friend and I loved them so much that we decided to order a plate of mushroom nuggets à la carte (RM9.90) which was served with sweet chilli sauce, turning it an addictive snack.

Curry mee with chicken (RM18.90 with a drink as a part of their lunch set).

* this dish is not a part of the KindMeal deal

Non-vegetarians/vegans should try their curry mee. The thickness of the broth truly defines a KL style curry mee. I personally love my curry mee with a heap of sambal but I do recommend tasting the curry before adding sambal (it's the same one as the nasi lemak minus the petai). This could be considered a huge portion to some so if you're a light eater, perhaps share this bowl with someone.

Note: the vegetables were raw and although I didn't mind at all, just giving some of you heads up if you prefer your vegetables to be steamed before being chucked into your curry.

Top view of both main dishes.

* * * *

 Are you a blogger who would love a FREE meal?

KindMeal is currently offering free meals to bloggers or those with Facebook fan pages with the hopes of encouraging more food lovers to experience meat-free cuisines and sharing their food stories with people.

Who/what is KindMeal?

They are Malaysia's first meat-free lifestyle platform, offering a unique angle towards promoting restaurants and cafes, with the primary objectives of saving animals, health, environment and money. Basically they're meat-free advocates so if you're a vegetarian/vegan, this is your place to go.

Who runs Kind Meal?

They're operated by, Malaysia's leading animal welfare portal, a platform for animal lovers and rescuers. 

How can I get on board?

All you need to do is look for KindMeal in the app store, download it and you're good to go. They use digital coupons (go green!) and you no upfront payment, booking or any form of printing is required. You need not worry about having to use your coupons because if you choose not to, just allow them to expire when they do and you can obtain more coupons after. 

- Thanks for yet another free meal, KindMeal :) -

Address: Unit A-G-12, Block Allamanda, 10 Boulevard, PJU 6A, Lebuhraya Sprint, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Opening hours: 11.30 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. every day except Wednesdays
Contact no.: +60 3 7724 1109
Credit card payment: Accepted
Service charges: Applied
6% GST: Applied

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