Saturday, 25 October 2014

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Hi everyone,

I recently started my own photography blog on Tumblr. At the moment, it has a really cliché and vague title "life." which I will probably change once I've conceptualized the blog (I welcome suggestions!). Feel free to follow me, thank you (:

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Candela GentleYAG Laser for Permanent Hair Removal @ Premier Clinic, TTDI

Disclaimer: Sponsored treatment. Reviews are entirely my own. Pictures unedited. 

Hey everyone! Yes, this is something considered to be out of the ordinary appearing on my blog.

Have you ever felt insecure because of your underarms? I have myself. Not that it bothers me all the time because I'm well aware not all of us can afford to have hairless underarms with even skin tones. It only bothers me when that noticeable forest of hair and skin area a few tones darker than the rest of your arms become the highlight of your photos (self-confidence -10).

It took me a while to get this post up for obvious reasons. If flashing your underarms in photos are bad enough, what more to display them on your public blog. But it's up now! And here's to all of you who are insecure about your underarms :)

Monday, 8 September 2014

My First Taste of Shutter Therapy

It was yet another Saturday morning in which I battled to get out of bed for an opportunity I certainly did not want to miss. 

Carmen invited me to join her, Robin and Jackie on a photography trip at Pudu Market (yes, of all markets!) in which I was really excited for. Since the photos I've been capturing normally consists of cooked ingredients already incorporated to create a single dish, I thought it would be interesting to do the same but this time with fresh & raw ingredients.  

But first, one needs breakfast. What better way to kick start the morning than with dim sum!
Location: Restoran Tuck Cheong @ Jalan Kancil, Pudu.

Very pleased with this loh mai gai because it doesn't contain the typical Chinese sausage, which I dislike with passion, but rather it has a thin slice of pork. 
Loh mai gai is basically steamed sticky rice with chicken and usually wrapped in lotus leaf. This one is a variation.

After breakfast, while we were making our way to Pudu Market...

"Emily, are you sure you want to wear your sneakers?"
"Oh yeah, they will get dirty and may be hard to clean off!"
"Okay, you definitely need slippers."

... which lead me to ask, "so how dirty is the market?"

"Errrr... you'll see!"

Such a comforting response.

Conclusion: Do NOT wear even decent shoes to Pudu Market. Go cheap flip flops all the way!

Thankfully, a store at the mall nearby just opened and I managed to get a pair of Flippers for RM10.00!

* * * *

Indeed, like most markets, this was nowhere near clean but it was bearable (I've experienced worse). There weren't that many unavoidable puddles and potholes but you need to be careful of where you step - especially when you get close to the meat areas.

Here are some of my shots from the trip! Most of them are edited with the OLYMPUS Viewer 3 which came with my camera - a program I decided to experiment with.

Saw a mother and her baby on the way to the market. Loving the hair!

Chasing light moment.

Smile with your eyes.

Blessed with the morning light.

So the first part of the market comprises fruits and vegetables.

Traffic light peppers, kind of. Clearly, I need a lot of practice with these kind of shots.

I didn't really edit this. The position and light were just in my favour. Definitely caught the shot I wanted!

Marinate with turmeric, salt and pepper, then deep fry away.

There, my RM10.00 slippers. My feet got quite dirty at the end of the trip but better my feet than my sneakers.


Only one stall selling chicken like this.

Fresh coriander. 

Sigh, those colours.

*insert that title of Taylor Swift's song*


More chilies.

The shiny redness caught my attention.

A bit of nostalgia. I used the Art setting (Pinhole style) of my camera.

Two shots of the same girl speaking with her eyes.

The entire trip was a challenge on so many levels. I learnt to be quicker when shooting despite having various items to remember (i.e. focusing, angles, lighting, exposure, moving your camera strap out of the way, watching out for your bag, checking if your precious phone is still in your pocket, etc.). There was much pressure especially from the people who were inconsiderately pushing their way through the crowd, motorcyclists and stall owners chasing you away from blocking their customers.  

Nevertheless, the trip was a great first-experience. I'm definitely looking forward to shooting at more locations like this now that I've discovered love in the colours of the market. 

Do check out Robin's Pudu Market entry where you can find heaps of Photography 101's that can probably save your life. 

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

greyskymorning, SS13

So I sailed away into a grey sky morning...

This is my current favorite coffee hangout spot at the moment. Considering the fact that I'm based in Subang Jaya, it is so convenient to drop by for a coffee fix without having to participate in the horrendous search for parking.

greyskymorning carries strikingly familiar elements of a few existing cafes (i.e., Podgy & the Banker, VCR and Rekindle) in the concept of its interior design - a refreshing change from the typical dimly lit, small, and cozy settings.

Sipped cappuccino [RM9.00] and a slice of chocolate peanut butter cake [RM11.00]. 

Coffee is the primary attraction on the menu alongside cakes (from the similar cake supplier to Rekindle in SS2) and smooshies (a refrigerated fruit juice blend in bottle) as of now. 

Flowers in tiny bottles present on every table. Where's the fault in that?

Food/coffee photographers will have a bliss here. These are some of the other shots I took:

When the evening sun greets coffee.

Loving the gypsophila against the grey wall. 

Happy visiting! (: 
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Address: EX8, No. 3, Jalan SS13/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Opening hours: 10.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m.
Closed on: Mondays
To visit their Facebook page, click here.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Grandeur Gallery Café, Le Rozell French Café and Crêperie & TBC Café @ Kota Kemuning

The long overdue tales of café hopping with my lovely friend, Kimm, in an area known for its never ending trail of roundabouts: Kota Kemuning.

Grandeur Gallery Café

The bar counter and cake display.

One of my favourite spots to snap photos.

The setting is quite dim in the gallery section where paintings are hung up on the black walls. 

It was a late Saturday morning and there was no crowd, probably because it's quite well-hidden and not to mention facing an empty land opposite. According to Kimm, the locals (hereinafter referred to as people who reside in Kota Kemuning) go there to fly their kites. 


Tiramisu (Kimm's recommendation) - this is only available on weekends! Notice the sponginess of the slice which suggests that it's very light and not too filling.

Address: 22-2, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE 31/BE, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam.
Contact no.: +60355255568
Facebook page:

Le Rozell French Café and Crêperie 

A spacious restaurant serving both sweet and savoury crêpes run by a French lady who was ever so kind to spend a couple of minutes chatting with Kimm and I. 

La Campagnole of shredded duck confit, pan-seared mushrooms with cream, honey, and topped with chives. If you're visiting for the first time, I suggest you go with this!

My favourite of the lot (and Kimm's too) goes to the panna cotta topped with rose syrup. It is so smooth and a great relief from the savoury dish earlier.

We also tried the mille-feuille which reminded me of the vanilla slice I used to have in Melbourne. This was quite filling after the panna cotta and savoury crêpe. 

Address: 35-1, 8 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE, 31/BE Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam.
Contact no.: +60351314092
Facebook page:

TBC Café

Kota Kemuning's newest café on the bandwagon which was packed full upon arrival at lunch time. There is no way you'll miss this bright yellow place when you drive along the roads across. 

Took this in a rush which explains the tilt. They have a pretty cool door that spins 360 degrees!

They use PULP's Throwback blend for their coffee - so glad because it's my favourite blend! Very satisfied with the outcome.

Kimm ordered tea. Love the cup and lid!

Highlight of the visit: Espresso maple bacon sandwich topped with scrambled eggs served with a side of fries and coleslaw. Now let that sink in for a bit.

Address: 2-39-1, Persiaran Anggerik Vanilla, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam. 
Contact no.: +60163178180 

* * * *

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