Monday, 25 February 2013

DinerPass Smartphone Application

This is not a food review.

What I am about to share with you today is something I'd like to call Foursquare 2.0.

We usually have to put that little effort at each meal to catch a waiter's attention. Taking our orders, chasing them and to also request for bills. Some people would leave comments on paper in the comment box but who really has time for that right? What people would normally do is file a verbal complaint to the manager/supervisor, leave the restaurant and never come back again (maybe). Perhaps write an aggressive tip on their Foursquare page. But how would we know if our complaints have been taken into consideration by the restaurant owners as a form of improvement or not? We don't. And we won't.

Today, I for lunch with my university mates at this restaurant located at First Subang Mall called Coffee Chemistry. As I sat down, the advertisement on the table immediately caught my attention because there, displayed so clearly, was one good-looking brownie and we could get it for free! However, it's sad to say that nothing really comes for free in life...

The advertisement displayed a smartphone app called DinerPass. I believe this will come in handy for many people because it did for me. I would personally call this an e-Dining system and convenience is their middle name.

How does it work?

You will see this as you open the app.
You will have to sign up or log in via Facebook before coming to this page. Don't worry because all they need is your name (not necessarily full name) and email.
Go to "Restaurants" to see where is this application applicable.
Go to "Check-In" and you will come to this page as seen in the image shown below.

Use this to scan the QR code shown on the advertisement on your table.
Once you've checked-in, go to "Menu" and you can see all the orders available at the time of your visit. 
Go to "Order" to select your orders and then you can send it straight to the kitchen.
I have only used the "Service" function to ask for my bill and the waiter in charge got my request immediately. You can also signal the waiter under that tab if you have any other requests without having to raise your hand and what not. 

The name of the restaurant I went to. Remember when I said this is Foursquare 2.0? Do you see why now? (:
And because it was my first time registering and using this application, I got this for free:

Brownie and ice-cream on a beautifully decorated plate!

App Information

You can get this app for free from Google Play and AppStore. Coming soon on Blackberry AppWorld! 

To check out their website, click here.

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