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Ben & Nick's Diner (B&N) @ Subang Jaya

I came across this diner while doing research online on places to eat in Subang Jaya a few weeks ago. Thankfully, I finally tried it out for dinner with my family tonight. I know that this place is not new, but a little voice inside told me I should write a review about it anyway.


The diner has plenty of decorative items on the wall. According to the article I read behind the menu, the wife of Mr Chuah (owner) is responsible for the beautiful, homey setting in which I truly enjoyed admiring.

English setting. I suppose they're football fans too.

The counter behind where I was sitting at.

Their diner is really small in size. There are only about 4-5 tables inside which fit less than 20 customers in total. More tables are situated outside along the front entrance and right side of the diner but the area is slightly dimmer.

I personally felt a little claustrophobic at my seat and there isn't much privacy between tables for they are located closely to each other. Nevertheless, this diner is perfect for small groups who wish to have a chat over good food and coffee/beer.

I should also add that the music is one of the main contributors to its homey ambience. Instrumental jazz pieces!

Front cover of their menu. Classic!


When we arrived, the owner was sitting outside chilling with his buddies but he stood up and opened the door for us. It didn't take long for his wife to come to our table to take our orders as well. She wrote down every little detail like how we did not want cheese in our spaghetti but I guess it didn't reach the chef. The cheese wasn't separate from our spaghetti when it was served. It took the waiter a few minutes to return the dish to the kitchen. I'm not sure why that happened but we eventually got our correct order the second time. Generally, I like how the husband and wife are really friendly. 

What went into our tummies

I apologize for missing out some of the prices!

Clam Chowder served with garlic bread. [RM9.90]
I absolutely love the garlic bread! It is hot and fresh when served. The soup, however, isn't the best I've had. You can tell that it is made from scratch from its texture. It has a very potato-ish texture which makes the soup not smooth but I'm quite glad that it is not too creamy. A little dash of pepper helps with the flavour though.

Tomato soup served with garlic bread. [RM6.90]
I didn't particularly like this soup though. I was expecting something a little bit more clear and with vegetables. Texture wise, this is really smooth but it's just lacking a couple of solid ingredients. I wouldn't highly recommend this.

Chicken Sausages (a trio of Bratwurst, Vienna and Jumbo sausages) served with angel hair pasta. [RM15.90]
I've got to admit. I underestimated this dish. When I first came across it on the menu, I expected real tiny sausages after seeing its pricing. But when it was served, boy I was wrong! The sausages are really tender and I can see why they serve 3 different types of sausages. They each have their own unique taste and that's what makes the perfect dish. A variety of flavours on a plate.

Spaghetti Bolognaise.
A fair warning to average eaters, the portion of this meal is quite large. It's a pretty much average, home cooked style spaghetti you can't go wrong with. 

Chicken Salad
This can be a meal on its own. I expected the chicken to be cold slices but apparently it is marinated and cooked to perfection to an extent where I felt as if I were having a mouthful of heaven. The meat is tender, tasty and it compliments the salad. The dressing is not too heavy and does not overpower the flavour of the chicken.

My dish: Lamb Shank [RM37.50]

... which came with this creamy ball of mashed potatoes.
I was a little disappointed with this dish. The size of the lamb shank is smaller than I expected it to be and the gravy is a little too watery. I do wish that the gravy would be a little thicker to add more body to the flavouring. On the bright side, there is a fair amount of vegetables on it to add colour to the dish which helped with its presentation. I'm also quite satisfied with the way the mashed potatoes are - smooth, not lumpy, creamy as stated in the menu.

We did not have dessert because the portion of the meals are fairly big and we were really stuffed. Perhaps next time (:

A couple of tips

Give them a call to make a reservation prior to arrival - most especially if you wish to be seated inside because of limited space. 

Share a bowl of soup. Particularly either the mushroom soup of clam chowder. You really need to save room for dessert. Don't make the same mistake I did. 

If you are claustrophobic, please be seated outside. The last thing you would want is to be uncomfortable throughout your entire meal.

I recommend parking at the Subang Avenue basement just next door and walk over rather risking a parking fine when you park your car along the main road. Their parking is still free of charge.

Finding your way there

Subang Parade and Carrefour (now AEON) are your landmarks. After the bus stop outside Carrefour, keep an eye out for a left turning. Do not miss it or there is no other way into the area after that. You will pass by Old Town White Coffee which is situated at Subang Avenue. Ben and Nick's Diner is just at the corner of the e-Tiara service apartment building next door. To park at the Subang Avenue basement, turn left before e-Tiara.


Address: Lot G10, e-Tiara Service Apartments, Persiaran Kemajuan 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor 
Operating days: Mondays - Saturdays 
Operating hours: 11.45 a.m. - 2.30 p.m. & 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays, 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. on Saturdays
Contact no.: +60162010189
Parking: Visitor's parking inside e-Tiara (maximum 3 hours) or Subang Avenue parking (free of charge)

The verdict says: ★ ★ ½ (out of 4)

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