Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sushi Flash, Subang Jaya

Have you ever wondered of a possible existence of a casual sushi bar without any relation to the typical Japanese restaurants in Malaysia? (i.e. Rakuzen, Sushi Zanmai, Sushi Tei, Sushi King, etc.) Perhaps a place which serves good sushi at a reasonable price?

Search no farther, dear reader.

One of my university mates, Elaine, introduced to me to Sushi Flash, a new sushi restaurant in SS15. She told me about their grand opening on Friday (today) at 12 noon and I was pretty excited to check it out and Friday night was apparently just an excellent time to do so. I managed to head there for dinner tonight with three university mates at approximately 7.30 p.m. before the restaurant was flooded with people.

Their signboard.

Pretty massive arch of balloons eh? It almost fell on us when we arrived. But oh well, what possible harm can balloons cause aside from popping right?

About Sushi Flash

Thanks to Elaine, I managed to get in contact with one of the co-founders of the business prior to my visit, Michelle Lim. I managed to have a short chat with her after our dinner.

Michelle Lim graduated from Monash University Sunway in 2011 with the Bachelor of Science majoring in food science. She and her other co-founders have been working on the idea of a sushi bar for about half a year. Inspiration struck them as they saw potential in the business where they would serve affordable but good quality sushi - especially in SS15, a residential and commercial area. Their target customers are not only students but also the working adults in the area who wish to have a quick bite. I actually thought it was a good idea for them to open along the same row as McDonald's rather than to compete with the other Japanese restaurants on the other side of SS15. 

The crowd built up more as we were leaving. Phew!

Currently, the number of types of sushi stands at 40+ on their menu. The chef, from Penang, is basically on a one-man show as each plate of sushi on the conveyor belt is prepared by him and only him. He has some form of experience in the making of sushi from his previous job as one of the kitchen crew members of Sushi King. He is in the midst of training to become a sushi master and was discovered by one of the crew members of Sushi Flash. They have about six staff members altogether and are pretty much short of man power under the service crew so if you're looking for a job, perhaps approach this outlet. 

Their current aim is to create a strong outlet in SS15 before expanding their business elsewhere. When asked about what sets their sushi apart from others, "It is special because it is not only affordable, the portion looks attractive," said Michelle. 


As you can see from the images above, the restaurant is not extremely spacious because tables and chairs surround the conveyor belt like typical the sushi bars. It gets really congested when there's a crowd so if you're expecting fine dining sushi, forget it. This restaurant only serves sushi on the belt which is why it is designed as such. 

What went into our tummies

Know that I am no expert names of sushi nor am I too fussy about its quality but I can definitely tell a good one from a bad. What I can do is describe a few ingredients so here are the pictures of some of the many types of sushi we grabbed off the belt.

p.s. It ain't pleasant looking at scrumptious food as it somewhat slowly passes by, forcing you to make an immediate decision as to whether to take it or not.

Rice and a somewhat mild wasabi flavour in the sauce.


Salmon and rice.


Unagi and rice.

Roe, veggies, seaweed, crab meat and rice

Black roe, rice, avocado, seaweed and crab meat.

I'd like to refer to this as the flower salmon as it is wrapped around the rice like a rose and the roe tops it up. 


Plain-coloured plate (beige): RM2.00
Any coloured plate: RM3.00
Bottomless green tea: RM2.00

Prices may change during promotions or when there are additional items on the menu.

A couple of tips

Avoid peak hours. The restaurant can only hold so much people so try to come at odd hours like after lunch or for supper. 

If you're looking for Japanese dishes like teppanyaki or soba, rest assured that you will not get them here because this place strictly serves sushi and green tea. Also, don't expect too much for the green tea.

Payments can only be made with cash at the moment.

Finding your way there

This outlet took over Tutti Frutti next to Face-to-Face Noodle House. It is along the same row as the SS15 McDonald's nearby Starbucks (not the drive thru one). If parking happens to be hard, park at SS14 on the other side and walk across using the bridge. 


Address: 66, Jalan SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Operating days: Every day
Operating hours: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Parking: Public parking - no parking ticket required after 6.00 p.m.
WiFi: Unavailable

The verdict says: ★ ★ ★ (out of 4)


  1. Looks like a fun susho bar. i seem to remember there are a lot of Sushi outlets in Malaysia she has fierce competition. great photos againI wish i could take pictures like that

    1. Indeed. But I think this one has potential seeing how it's within a reasonable walking distance for most students.

      Thank you! Well, like they say, your first 10,000 photos are your worst ones. It took me quite a bit of practice to get to where I am now.

  2. Replies
    1. They're not certified halal (yet) but no pork is served.

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    1. Hello, thank you very much! You have a very interesting website there. Have a good day (:

  4. stumbled upon your blog. I would say this post is very nicely written. Look forward to reading your other posts

    1. Hey Amy, thank you for reading! I recently just posted an update if you'd like to check it out Have a good day!