Friday, 5 April 2013

April Special & Promotion @ Burgertory, Subang Jaya

This is the second review I'm writing for Burgertory. This is really something I want to share with all of you! To check out the first review, click here

First thing's first, they designed a new menu!

I like how their menu looks so grand making you feel as if you're a VIP somewhat. 

And here it is.. Their April Promotion!


Just when we all thought fries and a burger was the perfect combination... They still have their normal upgrade of fries + bottomless soft drink for RM5.00 but if you feel as if you need more variety to your meal, pay RM9.00 for their Fry Combo and get additional onion rings and a mozzarella cheese stick along with the fries + bottomless drink. I think it's a pretty good deal! When I first tried their onion rings and mozzarella cheese sticks (they were given to me complimentary during my first visit), they tasted really really really salty. Now, they're excellently done!

That's not it. One more special of the month:

This is their new item on the menu - Mascarpone Curry & Cheese [RM15.00] along with the Fry Combo Upgrade [RM9.00]

I must say, they increased the height of their pork patty as compared to the last time I ate there. The amount of juice in just that one patty is really overwhelming. The burger is super tall as of now and I can't take a full bite any more (or maybe my mouth is just too small). Speaking of the new flavour, I think the curry flavour is excellent with the pork. They both blend together really nicely. The egg and onion rings in the burger just topped it. I highly recommend this burger!

That's all for the Burgertory update. I'll be posting a new review soon on a new place I visited over the week (Hint: Coconut).

Because I'm a really nice person, to save you the trouble from scrolling up, here's the link to the first Burgertory review (: Have a nice day, everyone and thank you for visiting!

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