Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Grumpy Cyclist, TTDI [Crespella Review]

Yes, one single blog post dedicated to these gorgeous pieces on a plate which sailed me to heaven and, unfortunately, back.

I was talking to Ryan about this place and he insisted I try their Crespella a.k.a. four chocolate chip pancakes served with blueberries and a single strawberry on whipped cream dusted with icing sugar and drizzled with a little honey. I'm personally usually into pancakes served with maple syrup (or honey) and generous slabs of butter melting into them. These beauties have however changed my perception on chocolate chip pancakes and I'd recommend this especially if you're a chocolate person. Not the fluffiest pancakes I've had but the texture is excellent as the pancakes do not crumble apart upon cutting. The price? Just RM12.00 to fill your tummy up with such goodness. 

Heads up: it's rather impossible to get a parking spot along that row but I reckon the rounds will be worth it. If you're a true Malaysian, feel free to double park (which is what most people do in this area). 

On the side note, their coffee improved compared to the first time I visited. Their beans were initially from Artisan Roast. Now, they use Ponto Alegre beans from Brazil which are way less bitter (based on the cuppa I had) and much smoother.

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