Friday, 16 May 2014

Kum Chuan Coffee Shop: Hawker Food @ SS13, Subang Jaya

Yes, you read it right. Hawker food. I thought it was time to be blogging about my true blue Malaysian side.

Being half Penangite and faithfully paying annual visits to the Pearl of the Orient, I've appreciated hawker food for as long as I can remember; much thanks to my parents who exposed me to local cuisine. So just FYI, my foodie journey doesn't strictly evolve around caf├ęs and coffee (:

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Time of visit: 8.15 a.m. (peak hour) on a weekday 

Kum Chuan Restaurant is a coffee shop in SS13 which has been open for quite some time. I've made several visits here before and was never particularly disappointed.

Here's the must-order for any hawker food breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper. A cup of goodness a.k.a. kopi ais (to my non-Malaysian readers, this is our version of coffee and milk).

This was pretty darn good. I'd say it's kao enough (kao - thick, bold in flavour, has "body" ... you get the idea). In all honesty, I could have gone for seconds.

As for food, these are the 3 main dishes you should order:

Curry laksa with slices of char siew. One of my foodies mentioned that this has less coconut milk than the one she typically has. I thought this was quite well done! Bear in mind that this is a KL version of curry noodles which is different from the Penang version. 

Wantan noodles with char siew. I do recommend this if you're the type who goes for a slightly sweeter and more flavourful version of wantan noodles. The noodles were well mixed in the sauce before serving.

Hakka noodles. Verdict from my Sarawakian friend: this is close to authentic. Note: close. Still a dish I recommend trying out at this place! 

And of course, no hawker food breakfast is complete without the dynamic duo to accompany all the dishes you've ordered above: roti bakar (toasted bread; typically served with kaya and butter) and soft boiled eggs/half-cooked eggs. 
Yes, I still had room in my tummy for these so you can imagine my monstrous appetite. 

The best seat in the house? Under the tree/umbrella outside. That's where you'll get to experience the hawker food ambiance. 

Note: All dishes mentioned above are less than RM5 each. Sorry, I didn't get down the exact prices. #IrresponsibleFoodBlogger

Special thanks to Hanny & Aric, two foodie friends of mine, for accompanying me!

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Address: Corner of Jalan SS13/1A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Closed on: Sundays
Opening hours: 7.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Stay tuned for my next post on a food trail done in Damansara! Have a great day, everyone (:

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